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The result of “Nature” or “Nurture”? Are the homeless really born that way, or is this the result of learned behavior resulting from environmental conditioning?

Some scientists believe that people behave the way they do because of genetic predeterminations. This is the “Nature” theory. “ You were born that way”. Inside forces are the controlling factor. You are a victim of your genetics.

Other scientists believe that people think and behave in certain ways because their environment teaches them to do so. This is the “Nurture” theory. “Something made me do it”. Outside forces are the controlling factor. You can however, take control of your behavior.

The “Nature” vs. “Nurture” debate by scientists raged on until Dr. Bruce H Lipton, PhD 1 relates in his book, “The Biology of Belief”, how in 1967 he did an experiment with embryonic stem cells. He took one cell and allowed it to grow and replicate until he had some 50 trillion, genetically identical cells. He divided this group into three separate groups and placed them in petrie dishes with a different chemical growth medium in each dish. The result was that in dish A, the stem cells produced muscle: in dish B, the stem cells produced bone and in dish C, the stem cells produced fats. This experiment showed that the genetically identical stem cells produced a material response equal to their perception, of the information contained in the cultural medium, of their environment.

This is a huge revelation! “Nurture” has won the debate. This has spawned a new scientific study called, “Epigenetics” meaning, “above genetics”.

The Jesuits knew this in their maxim, “give me a child for the first seven years of his life and I will give you the man”. In other words, everything that a child is taught up until the age of seven, will determine the behavior of the man he will become. These teachings become default downloads into his subconscious mind, thereby affecting his future behavior. Without the love of a home, no child can achieve the full development of normal character.

Are human beings “programmable”? Mark Passio, in his seminar on NATURAL LAW 2 provides us with the answer.

“Human beings are programmable, much like computers. Like a computer, if a human being has a bad ”file system format” (conditions during a child’s formative years), a bad “operating system” (culture), and bad “software programs” (erroneous, rigid and dogmatic beliefs), their “output” (behavior) onto the “screen” (life) will also be bad, and will contribute to deteriorating conditions on a mass scale.

Like a computer, the behavior of a human being will largely depend on its programming (the quality of information put into it, which enables it to process and create efficiently).

It is the intent of the Global Housing Partners, to provide safe and secure housing to homeless families, so that the “quality” of the first seven years of the life of their children will be an environment of safety, security, love and harmony, thereby providing a “culture” conducive to a raise in consciousness, and an eradication of the consciousness of homelessness, in future generations.

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