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Global Housing Partners provides the answer to a low-cost; low-tech; "do-it-yourself;" STACK-A-SACK (SAS) SYSTEM™, to help solve the housing crisis of the poor and homeless, of our society.

About Us

Peter Harlow, Founder & CEO. Peter’s experience with construction began with the construction of prefabricated homes manufactured by National Homes Inc. of Lafayette, Indiana. He served in the United States Naval Construction Battalions (SEABEES) as a 1st class Builder and a 2nd class Diver.

He attended Purdue University in Civil Engineering studies, and has been a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, as well as the Project Management Institute, and the Construction Institute. He has travelled the world building high frequency radio stations for NATO, and the US Army; microwave systems for telephone communications in the US and many foreign countries; cooling towers for nuclear power plants, and industrial manufacturing facilities, in the US and abroad.

He was the Project Manager on a contract to NASA during the construction of the Cape Kennedy Launch Facilities. He was the Field Manager in Vietnam on a project for the US Navy. He held Top Secret and Crypto Security Clearances during this time.

He has built luxury high-end homes and condos in California, while holding a California Contractors License. For more information, click on History on the menu bar.

All donations to Global Housing Partners Inc. are considered charitable contributions and tax-deductible pending approval of our 501(c)(3) application by the IRS, which we fully expect.